Workshop for approx. 10 students will be organized in the last week of February, in the Textile Industry Museum Merinos, at craftsmens’ workshops and manufactures. The aim is to let the students know about a few of many traditional Turkish textile techniques, such as:

  • spinning of wool and silk threads,
  • hand and machine weaving,
  • natural deying,
  • digital print
  • Elde Suzeni (hand embroidery)
  • Oya (needle or crocheted trimmings),
  • Yazma (wooden stamp printing),
  • Ebru (painting on bile, transfered onto fabrics).

Some visits will take place to get some inspiration from traditional Turkish textiles and fashion: Museum of Textile Industry Merinos, Bursa Municipal Museum, Museum of Ottoman Clothes and Jewellery Uluumay. Contemporary inspirations will be possible through the observation of local color and the everyday life of the city with a camera or sketchbook in hand.

Student will begin to study Turkish art of textiles and contemporary Turkish culture before workshop. After that, students will reinterprete Turkish culture into the unique collection of textiles and fashion, which will be shown during the Bursa exhibition in May 2014.