Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts is one of the largest and most famous Polish art universities. The Academy is organizing in cooperation with the Museum of Textile Industry Merinos in Bursa project called „Turkish Threads – textiles from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts”. The event is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Polish and implemented within the framework of the cultural programme of the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Polish-Turkish diplomatic relations in 2014.

The Academy will present in Turkey an exhibition concerning fields such as fabrics design, fashion design and conservation and restoration of the historic textiles. We have chosen Bursa because it was the oldest and largest center of silk producion and other textile industries within Europe.

The aims of the project are:

1. Increasing the knowledge of the history of Polish and Turkish cultures meetings.

This thread of history is an important part of Polish history and reception of Oriental (Ottoman) textiles. The aim will be achieved by the exhibition of achievements of our Departament of Conservation and Restoration of Historic Textiles.

2. Creating opportunities for the present meetings of Polish and Turkish cultures.

The aim will be achieved through workshops: Polish students will learn the Turkish tradition of manufacturing textiles. The effects – modern fabrics and creative designs reinterpreting the traditions of the Turkish fashion – will be also shown at the exhibition.

3. Establishing long-term professional contacts.

We hope to meet representatives of the Turkish fashion industry and professional environments textile artists, museum curators, art historians, archaeologists and conservators. The beggining will be: inviting representatives of these communities to the exhibition opening, the media information about both the workshops and the exhibition, the printed publication and a website about the project.