My inspiration came at the factory of jacquards. It turned out that the backs of those textiles were at least as interesting as the fronts. Parallel sequences of threads, as if combed – or on the contrary tangled and chaotic – opened the way to my projects. Here came the idea of ​​the layer of parallel threads (warp only) enslaved here and there with a respective stitching. This form reminds me an eastern splendor, a Byzantine ornamentation and three-dimensional, fluffy fabrics. To get rid of the simple associations with folk aesthetics I used threads of muted colors and broke the traditional form with some non-standard elements: fishing line, strings, sport rubber bands, gaskets, etc.

My collection is inspired by the paintings of the artist Nakkaş Osman. He painted the Turkish aristocrats
in their traditional costumes with flat, two-dimensional way of representing characters. This process highlighted the rounded shapes of their outfits. You get the feeling that the clothes are flat and the edges are rounded. Ovoid shape of shoulders is emphasized. Thus, in my projects there are rounded, smooth cuttings, rounded shoulders, oval shapes . I simplified all the elements, giving them a slightly sporty character (cuffs, hoods, sweatshirts). The simple form allows the wealth of fabrics inspired by traditional Turkish handicrafts to be better exposed.

Textile collection:

fot. Cezary KOCZWARSKI